Return to Sydney

I arrived back in Sydney around 1 pm on a Sunday afternoon. Bill had the weekend off which meant for us: beer it up! We had a great day cruising through Coogee and hanging out with Bill’s friends for 12 hours. The obvious downside was that all of us were in pretty bad shape when we went to play football for an hour the next evening. Up to the point when I started running I felt like I was doing ok. However, working out made me realize the full extent of my thus far considered „mild“ hangover. So I did what anyone would do: I played as the goal keeper for almost an hour 😛

I spent a lot my time catching up with my friends in Sydney and saying goodbye to all of them. A bitter sweet experience but at least I had a chance to see everyone a few times before leaving for who knows how many years. And there were a lot of goodbyes.

I even got a chance to work at Ceviche one last time before it will be closed down at the end of July, sadly. But I had a good time doing it and it felt like I had never really left.

I was very excited to go back to Berlin, although I was a little sad to leave all my new friends behind. Still, I will always remember them. And without them this beautiful experience would not have been the same. Thanks to all of you. I will miss you!


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