Shred Lightly

I’ve been looking forward to this for over a year now: fricking snowboarding. In fricking Austria. What can I say? I had a blast. There was awesome snow, great weather, nice people, and a lot of fun all around. Seven days of solid snowboarding, three meals a day, some booze at night (well, sometimes a little earlier – in the afternoon or around noon or so …).

I finally got a chance to test out my new “pirate” board and bindings (YAAAARRRR!!!), beautiful equipment that made boarding even more fun that it already was all these past years (thanks again to my family and all the others who chipped in for both – worth every penny!).

So basically this trip was seven days of getting up early, going out to go really fast and do some stupid stunts (I even inventied a new jump I dubbed “The Norris” in honor of his 75th birthday – the key is to tilt the tip of your board left and up about 90 degrees so you land on your hip without breaking it), eating lots, drinking some beer while enjoying the views and the clear air in the afternoon. Great stuff. Bt you guys all know what these trips are all about. So just check out the pictures and enjoy the sights I was lucky enough witness over there.


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