Ruins of Berlin: Alte Eisfabrik

I was exploring in Berlin again. This time I went to the “Alte Eisfabrik” in Köpenicker Straße. It’s been abandoned for 20 years now, it was used as a shelter by squatters for a few years afterwards. After they were kicked out by the new owner a few years back, the whole area has been closed off by fences, walls, and barbed wire. Which made it all the more interesting to go and explore it. Sadly, all the windows, gates, and doors in the ground floor have been sealed, so there was no way to actually go inside. At least not without a big ladder or some climbing equipment and the severe risk of hurting myself. Still, I feel like the building looks pretty awesome from the outside too. You can tell that even fences and barbed wire cannot keep adventurers from getting smashed next to these beautiful ruins and leaving their marks all over the walls.


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