Schöneweide ist Marketing

First off: To all of those who have been waiting for another post of mine the past few months, I apologize for my lack of activity. I had some personal stuff to deal with these last few months, on top of that, I was being a little lazy.

Anyway, my partner in crime V. and myself took some time to check out another abondoned location in Berlin-Schöneweide recently. It used to be some kind of factory a couple of years ago. Today, it attracts mainly young taggers, spray “artists”, and curious explorers like myself.

While exploring this old factory, we were joking there might be zombies waiting in the basement – nonsense of course. But isn’t that exactly what all those people in the zombie movies think while they are exploring abandoned buildings with a flash light? We it out alive, obviously. Watching five seasons of Walking Dead finally paid off 😛

The buildings seem to have seen some action in the last few years. Apart from street artists and squatters, apparently there were some fires which destroyed some of the roofs. The roofs which are still intact (meaning: not destroyed by fire) leak a little, so the place is moist, and you constantly check your shoulder to see what the hell just hit you. The floors and walls seem to be still solid overall.

In conclusion: Definately worth a visit if you’re into this kind of stuff!


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